Spray Gun Cleaners Accessories

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Trigger Clips (pack of 5)
Blue Filter Kit (incl. 2 filter cartridges)
Inline cartridges for Blue Filter (Pack of 5)
Half inline cartridges for Blue Filter (for GWA 200 only)
Graco Husky 205 Pump
Floor Stand for GWM100 & GWA200
Wash Block Clean Rinse Assembly
Pail Suction Filter
  • Pail Suction Filter
  • ISTpure
  • Code: 324803
  • Pail Suction Filter to fix at the inlet of the feeding hose to avoid sucking solid paint residus
Timer Assembly
  • Timer Assembly
  • ISTpure
  • Code: 324805
  • Timer Assembly for spray gun cleaners models GWA 200, GWMA 500 and GWMA 600 Twin
Flow-Thru Brush (Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit)
Flow-Thru Brush (PL 1 / 4)
O-Ring for Blue Filter